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Gina Andracchio

Valdes Engineering Before + after

Redesigned website for Valdes Engineering while working as design specialist at Gate 39 Media. Although the company had an existing website loaded with rich content it was busting at the seems, needed a navigational restructuring, and demanded an “interface-lift.” Working closely and in alignment with Valdes’ marketing objectives, our team created a site that showcased their extensive photography, cross-linked and optimized their services, and highlighted the careers section in an effort to attract diverse and sustainable future employees.

Since Valdes had recently invested in a number of printed marketing materials that elevated their brand and brought it a fresh look, we diligently designed the site's UI to be consistent with the graphic language in the print materials. We then applied that graphic language to other social media marketing ads and banners.

Since we knew we already had the skin, UI, or look of the website, coming up with the structure was a process that involved creating and reiterating many series of wireframes.

The result is a fresh new look to an accredited engineering firm's efforts towards boosting their online presense. The installed CMS also helped to reduce the amount of time and effort they have to spend updating the site's content.

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